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Sam Steadman- 11.18.23

About Sam…

After trying multiple career paths he realized his love for music was undying. Knowing this, he was on his way to creating his own sound; with influences from many genres and artists you will hear hints of blues, rock, pop, outlaw country and more.

Growing up in the small town of Ringgold Georgia he was immersed in 60’s – 70’s rock, classic country, and bluesy soul music from his dad. Through any tribulations in his life, he could always lean on music. Coming from a talented family and singing in church during his youth, Sam was introduced to the piano and drums and often sang with his brother who played the guitar. Playing things like The Beatles, Johnny Cash, Sturgill Simpson, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and many other greats this is where Sam started to write songs. He would write poetry while listening to tunes that his younger brother played in the room next to his.

As a young adult, just like many, Sam struggled with his purpose in life. Listening to the typical advice of, “You need to find a steady career with decent pay, a wife, and plan for retirement”, Sam worked a nine to five for several years miserably and eventually was influence by a friend to Join the United States Marine Corps. Although he loved the Marine Corps and life that came with it, it wasn’t his purpose in life. Now living in Chattanooga Tennessee, after the Marine Corps and several years of soul searching, Sam decided to chase his dream and focus on writing, singing, and making music in his own vision.

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Nov 18 2023


8:00 pm


Puckett's Chattanooga, 2 West Aquarium Way, Suite 110, Chattanooga, TN, 37402, United States



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