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Slaten Dooley- 3.4.23

Raised in Harrison, Tennessee, Slaten Dooley grew up with a very active outdoor lifestyle. Hiking, exploring, camping, hunting, fishing, and shooting are among his favorite outdoor activities.

When Slaten was a small child, he had a mild hearing problem. With surgery and therapy, this problem was mostly corrected, and he then had to relearn various words. Up until that point, he had heard things differently than the rest of the world. To this day, he still has some minor comprehension difficulties, however this has not slowed him down in the least.

At the age of eight, Slaten’s father introduced him to the drums. Naturally, as any young boy would, he loved banging on them and making a lot of noise. Eventually, Slaten began collecting different instruments. The lack of other kids in his neighborhood caused him to spend most of his indoor time playing along with second-hand albums his older sister had given him.

Slaten’s musical influences range all the way from classic country legends like Hank Williams to bluegrass legends like Earl Scruggs. His influences also include Steve Martin, Bela Flec, Eric Church, Brad Paisley, and many more. Slaten prides himself on being musically diverse.

Over the years, Slaten has played with several bands. The most notable of which would be Jacob Bryant. With these bands, Slaten has opened for heavy hitters such as Florida Georgia Line, Parmalee, Kentucky Headhunters, Confederate Railroad, Cody Johnson, and Gary Allan.

Slaten’s primary goal is for his music to provide a soundtrack for people’s favorite outdoor adventures. This is showcased with the release of his 2019 debut single, “Mowbray Mountain Run.” This song is available on all major online music stores and apps.

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Mar 04 2023


8:00 pm


Puckett's Chattanooga, 2 West Aquarium Way, Suite 110, Chattanooga, TN, 37402, United States



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