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The Deltaz- 1.6.24

Shut the screen door on the back porch and throw another log on the fire of the barbecue. Then go inside, pull out your favorite Deltaz album and throw it on the turntable. Heavy blues, roots rock, classic country and the blood harmony of two brothers will pour out of your stereo. Brothers John Siegel and Ted Siegel spend many of their days perfecting new records at a handmade mobile Airstream studio behind their residence just outside of Nashville Tennessee. Before relocating they had become mainstays at a Southern Californian institution, The Old Place, regularly performing for patrons at the ever-packed restaurant in the Santa Monica Mountains where the boys grew up. There, they caught the ear of the late bassist Rick Rosas (Neil Young, Joe Walsh), who became a mentor to the group. They spend their remaining hours rigorously touring, headlining shows across the country, regularly touring in Europe, while attracting the attention of sonic peers such as alt-country act The White Buffalo and Mississippi Blues legend Watermelon Slim, playing with both on several occasions. The Deltaz have had their music placed on CMT and MTV television shows and most recently The Deltaz had their song “Wild Mustang” featured in a film directed by Edward James Olmos, “The Devil Has a Name”, recorded as a duet with vocal rock legend Bonnie Bramlett (Eric Clapton, Leon Russell)

The Deltaz were formed while the brothers were still in high school. The boys had already immersed themselves in roots American music by that point, and this passion led them both to quickly pick up their respective instruments of choice. Ted lays down a bluesy, searing reminiscent slide guitar on his 1950s Harmony Rocket he calls “Huck”, while commanding drummer John has expanded his role behind the drum set to include impressive harmonica work and vocal harmonies that leave audiences overwhelmed at his coordination. The two have clearly learned to work with each other, feeding off of each other’s talents to bring ever-climactic performances to energized and extremely diverse audiences. In 2018 the brothers lost their home and studio in the mountains of Southern California to The Woolsey forest fire and decided to relocate to Nashville in 2020 for a fresh start. With The Deltaz mobile studio in tow the brothers have been crafting their most ambitious album to date, overflowing with all the heavy roots rock goodness their audiences have come to know.


Show at 7:30 pm, no cover, tips appreciated, BOOK ONLINE or call 629-201-6919 for dinner reservations.

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Jan 06 2024


7:30 pm


Puckett's Murfreesboro, 114 N Church St, Murfreesboro, TN, 37130, United States


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