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Jesse Kramer Trio- 6.2.23

Jesse Kramer’s story is as authentic as it is unpredictable. It’s a story of struggle, adversity and rebirth. A story still in its preface as the young 26 year old singer and songwriter from Indianapolis, who now resides in Nashville, seeks to kick-start the official rebirth of rock n’ roll for the modern world. “Rock n’ roll is NOT dead! It thrives on lives with struggle, passion and soul,” Jesse emphatically claims. “It takes guts, focus, and drive. I hope to become the modern world’s reminder that rock n’ roll still exists, and is an avenue which people can channel emotions and thoughts through music, just as I do.” From a very early age in life, Jesse Kramer always knew that music and singing were his only genuine means of communicating his personal thoughts and feelings on life. His old soul from within began guiding his thoughts and decisions in high school at the age of 14. That’s when he first began writing and recording his own music after growing up listening to a wide range of artists like Neil Young, Led Zeppelin, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fleetwood Mac, Chris Cornell and even Eminem. Jesse quickly developed his own distinctive and gritty sound by balancing elements of rock n’ roll, soul, and R&B music. Something he now simply refers to as “The Jesse Kramer Sound.”


Show at 8:30 pm, no cover, tips appreciated, for reservations BOOK ONLINE or call 615-770-2772.

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Jun 02 2023


8:30 pm


Puckett's Nashville, 500 Church St, Nashville, TN, 37219, United States


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