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Anthony Wayne- 11.5.21

Introducing “ANTHONY WAYNE VIBE” an exciting new VIBE which combines innovative sonic textures and an exhilarating rhythmic direction from a stellar line up. You’ll want to keep your eyes and ears on this group!

Utilizing, dedicated work and rehearsal schedule and countless shows to hone, and dial in, all of the nuances since April 2018, the ‘“Anthony Wayne Vibe” is setting its sights on 2022. The Vibe plans to record their debut and release all live shows for fans and supporters, AWV are ready to spend the next few years grinding and hustling to get the word out about the vibe and energy this band is creating. From their recent inclusion into the Rockn To Lockn 2020 alum, to festivals to small rooms, The Vibe is live.

Anthony Wayne Vibe is a three piece musical collective from Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee. A beautiful area, ripe with mountainous forests and skies for days, where many call Home. Where three different musicians met and created their brand of genreless Vibe. Taking time to create this brand of Vibe they wanted, the band had been kicking around, writing and touring since 2018. As well, for years individually, long before meeting. It is often said that a band can be genre defining or to be easily compared to or paralleled with an artist or band currently on a certain chart. AWV did not set out to be genreless but with so many influences and a vast creative pallet, individually and collectively, has given AWV a challenging classification and ultimately, Freedom. Influences ranging from Singer Songwriter, Metal, Punk, Percussion, Poetry, Theater and most places in between, allow them diversity. Unable to prevent all artistic outlets to spoil their Vibe, the Anthony Wayne Vibe are equal parts Indie, Americana, Jam, Rock, and Progressive. That is just the start of what might be. A genreless, free spirited collective compass, with so many points North that, Home is all around them and wherever they go. Utilizing harmonies, guitars, samples, drums, percussion, bass, rhythm and groove; AWV are allowing their hands and hearts to deliver a unique Vibe unlike anything seen before. With a vibrant and raucous stage delivery, Anthony Wayne Vibe are Live and Ready.


Show at 7:30 pm, no cover, tips appreciated, for reservations BOOK ONLINE or call 865-285-0155

We don’t want y’all to miss out on the music, so when booking your online reservation for a show, please be sure to select the correct date for the show you are wanting to attend. The default setting is to automatically select today’s date. Thanks for spending your evening with us!


Nov 05 2021


7:30 pm


Puckett's Pigeon Forge