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Brandon Fulson- 6.10.21

Every now and then someone will offer you a drink and tell you “It’s the real stuff” — and it is. That’s what listening to singer-songwriter Brandon Fulson feels like. His songs are raw and real. They’re about the small towns and rural areas where he grew up and still lives. They’re not some product or “manufactured twang” created in Nashville. That Appalachian accent? There’s nothing put-on about it.


Show at 7:30 pm, no cover, tips appreciated, for reservations BOOK ONLINE or call 865-285-0155

We don’t want y’all to miss out on the music, so when booking your online reservation for a show, please be sure to select the correct date for the show you are wanting to attend. The default setting is to automatically select today’s date. Thanks for spending your evening with us!


Jun 10 2021


7:30 pm


Puckett's Pigeon Forge